Why use ePayslips

 06 Aug 2018

Why use ePayslips

The importance of making sure payday runs perfectly has also involved ensuring that every employee gets a payslip during or before payday. However, the new ‘norm’ has made this process more complicated following the changes in our working and lifestyle habits:

  • Businesses are more flexible in their approach to working locations whereby employees are commonly spread across multiple locations. This change has been significantly fuelled by the development of technology and online resources.

  • Employees heavily rely on digital access to all their information including financial details (ePayslips) and expect to have access to this resource anywhere, anytime. 

  • Multi-generational workforces expect the ability to exchange confidential information safely and easily online following stricter information security regulations.

As an owner that thinks of the business's future and employees alike, we have introduced and enhanced the use of an ePayslip services to take the problem head-on and offer a solution. For many businesses, they have found ePayslips to be a simple process to reduce payroll duties and also the costs associated with the processing and production.

Let us demonstrate how we drastically help simplify the payslip process and give the best benefits to both employers, and all of the employees. 

ePayslips for the employers. 

A simple and quick process for you and your employees can make a huge difference to your business including:

  • Delivering payslips quickly and directly to every employee.

  • Simple access and submission of payslips, p60’s, p11d’s and auto-enrolment letters.

  • A reliable payslip service with customisable features.

  • Reduced cost by using ePayslips.

  • Planned electronic sending of payslips to employees autonomously once submitted.

  • Employees can self-serve themselves when they require their password resetting to access their ePayslips and reduce the dependency on a support function.

  • Allows your business to achieve company sustainability objectives.

ePayslips for employees.

As an employee ePayslips offers:

  • Safe and secure access to payslip information

  • User-friendly and simple experience

  • Have full access to all payment information on any internet accessible device

  • Historical ePayslips without the need to contact a payroll department

  • Ability to manage your ePayslips information securely

  • The knowledge that all personal information is stored securely following the end of your employment with the business.

  • Ability to print personal information when required


Nothing is more important than the businesses and employees secure information, ePayslips offer a secure login facility to prevent unwanted access to any secure details. Further supported by every ePayslip and document being provided securely to employees via SSL websites. The flexible and convenient application of ePayslips offers simple solutions for every business regardless of size whilst also providing many benefits to employees. We want to help bring your business up to speed and down in its carbon footprint through a simple and effective outsourcing payroll service with ePayslips.

What next

Discovering more about how you could benefit from outsourcing your payroll services including utilising ePayslips to achieve all the benefits mentioned. Speak to us today and we will guide you through the next steps to a better, more efficient and economical payroll service.