Outsourcing Payroll

 01 Oct 2018

Payroll has become a process that not everyone enjoys, especially with new legislation or obligations which are not making the process any easier. Repercussions of failing to comply in time and correctly with HMRC are also big fears of companies when dealing with payroll in-house. However, with that being said, we can also add that not all payrolls can be treated like they're the same. 

All businesses differ in their requirements and objective so when it comes to choosing the right agency, most companies we've encountered have had a terrible experience with the previous company in charge of their payroll. Our advice here is for you to see how effective is your payroll process right now before it is too late.

How can I know if my current Payroll service provider is delivering the way it should?

Many things might make you consider switching payroll service provider, but it all comes down to how well taken care of you feel. If you continuously see mistakes that nobody fixes, if you feel like your company is just another account among many more, or maybe you´re experiencing excessive and sudden extra fees that are making the whole process a financial nightmare in terms of costs. It's clear signs that it's time to change your payroll service provider?

Now, this can be tricky because it is not that easy to let go of one agency and just choose a new one. Especially with so many companies out there, all offering the same and you're not knowing if they´re just the same. So getting past this stage, is no easy task at all but essential.

As an outsourcing payroll solution, we've had a large focus on developing an in-depth understanding and agreement with our clients. In addition to being focused on making the change between your existing provider and us as smooth as possible, and you will decide how much of the payroll workload you want us to take over. 

Each of our clients has their own payroll manager available to answer all questions but most importantly to build a stable relationship. You will be pleased to have an entire organisation working to go beyond your companies expectation and handling your payroll like it's our own. 

Our professionals have a solid knowledge to handle all of your HMRC duties on time flawlessly, and also will answer all of your employees with the same professionalism.

Why should you come to us?

We know that payroll is both time and budget consuming so we have all of those aspects in consideration, so we can offer not just professionalism and loyalty, but also other benefits that make your decision cost-effective, here are some of those benefits: 

  • A payroll process not handled professionally can only result in unhappy employers, so we protect our clients against that lack of satisfaction we have no extra or hidden fees.

  • You gain extra time: You will have the free time slot to focus on what you do best, get your company where you want it to be. Many other areas within an organisation affect profitability and need your attention, such as staff performance. We'll take away all payroll responsibility and deliver outstanding results proactively for your peace of mind.

  • 100% compliance to legislation: Our vast experience within the payroll universe gives us the tools to produce results that abide by the latest legislation and statutory requirements. We are always updated on legislation changes so nothing can catch us off guard.

  • Improves Efficiency: Efficiency in the workplace is bound to improve with us taking over payroll process, you´ll have tailored management information that can effectively work with other areas in your company to overall company´s dynamic.

Outsourcing payroll offers more benefits from your payroll than having to deal with it by yourself. Payroll handles sensitive data so make sure that you test all security aspects meaning you feel confident all your employee's details are being kept safe. You will gain peace of mind by working with experts that will leave no space for worry. The overall dynamic of your company will be significantly enhanced by outsourcing payroll, and it will make the process to blend perfectly with the rest of your company.