How to choose the right payroll provider for your needs

 30 Nov 2018

Handling payroll is not an easily accomplishable task and most companies know it or will come to understand its complexity. Unfortunately, most businesses start by undertaking their own payroll and discover they are having issues or receive fines for incorrect financial submissions. They then start to look for a solution which commonly results in a professional payroll bureau being contacts but it’s difficult to understand what to look for in a payroll provider and how can they help your business.

Check their services

The market offers two kinds of outsourcing payroll providers: Fully managed payroll and Hybrid Payroll. Fully managed payroll services will handle all aspects of the company´s payroll, including taxing processes. Whereas Hybrid payroll services will only handle those duties that the company feels that require more attention and the in-house staff of the company will continue handling all the rest.

Beware of pricing bands

Some payroll providers will offer bundle type services which may be unclear to what you’re paying for each service. So we recommend to always make sure that you know exactly what you’re being charged and the services you should receive.

Alternatively, some providers offer services per an employee which means you will know exactly what you’re being charged for each service as well as the confidence that you’re not being overcharged. These plans also allow for flexibility on the growth of your business to add more employers without jumping up a bundle category.

Intricate payroll made simple

The interaction with your employees and the payroll provided might be limited, but it’s important to remember the importance of the small interaction between both parties will have a big impact on your decision. The payroll provider and employer need to agree the most suitable way for employees to receive their payments, this might be for electronic payslips including an online account for 24/7 access to auto-enrolment onto a workplace pension scheme. If you choose a provider which provides online accounts, then it’s important to ensure its user-friendly for your employees. If the online account is overwhelming to the employee, they will develop a negative response to contact from the payroll provider.

Customer Service

From the moment you request a quote or details from a company, you should be rating their customer service. You should be thinking about their response time, quality of response and support availability. You might have extensive communication with the payroll provider and you want the correspondence to be up to the standard that you expect. If you feel that the account manager you’ve been assigned is unhelpful or slow in answering your queries, then it’s time to look for an alternative provider. We strongly recommend looking for a payroll service which values your business’s employee’s payroll the same as they value their own employee's payroll.


Most payroll providers will be able to provide details of the companies they work alongside. However, rather than looking for a successful business, find out details about the size of their workforce to understand the companies sizes which the payroll provider has experienced undertaking. It’s advisable to find a payroll bureau who has a mixture in client business size so you’re confident that are capable if you’re a small business and grow into a large international corporation. 

It’s all about having the right provider for your company, every business is different and has various requirements, therefore, find a provider which is suited to you rather than accepting the cheapest or most used. Whether it’s fully managed payroll or auto-enrolment services on their own, there will be a payroll bureau suited to your needs.