6 Benefits Of E-Payslips

 21 Sep 2018

We all want our information quickly and at any time. That is why epayslips are becoming more popular for employers. The benefits experienced by the employer and also the employee significantly outweigh the maintenance of old routines. Many business owners would state that epayslips are all for the employee, but don’t forget the enhancements it can have to you as the employer and the business's reputation.

Benefits to your company.

1. Online payslips are more secure.

When it comes to payroll and payslips there is always the risk of any confidential pay information being left around the office for others to read, whereas if you used epayslips that risk is no longer there as all the information is only accessible on your secure and personal login.

2. Electronic payslips are cost effective. 

There will be no need to be printing out payslips or posting them to staff since they are now all available online. This means less paper consumption and a greener approach by your business. Not forgetting the reduction in time, think about all that labour time wasted printing those payslips when it could be used for more important tasks that could be beneficial for your company. 

3. They are more environmentally friendly.

Utilising epayslips means a significant reduction in printing and you wouldn’t be alone in trying to have a greener company with many aiming to use less paper and ink. Not only will you feel the financial benefits but your employees will see your efforts to be more eco-friendly.

Benefits to the employees.

1. Instant access to historical payslips. 

Every employee will have full access to download and print out their payslip history at any time from the self-service systems. This function will help them acquire the right evidence and paperwork that is required for loans or mortgage applications. Minimising the number of times an employee has to request their payslip history from the employer. 

2. Payslips will be stored in a single, secure place. 

Electronic payslips no longer require your employees to be piling up papers every month. They are no longer required to be searching for papers just to confirm they got paid, how much and why. All they need to do now is to log into their self-service account and all the details of their payments, tax and deductions will be there at all times. 

3. Staff can view payslips anytime, anywhere. 

If your company decides to invest in an optimised mobile payroll system, all of your employees will have full access at any time to the e-payslips. So all of your employees, not only the ones set up in the office but those who also work in the field, warehouse or retail operation, will have full access to their payslips on their mobile phone.

It’s important to consider the benefits for you as the employer but also the positives that epayslips can provide to your employees. If you feel you’re unable to recreate the processes required to supply your companies employees with epayslips. Professional payroll companies offer outsourcing solutions at extremely cost-effective prices.